Thursday, July 30, 2009


It has been over the top, record breaking HOT here since Monday! 105-107, really freakin HOT!

So we have been taking refuge in any place with AC.

This particular cool spot, also happens to be one of my favorite places, the Pearl Bakery, in the Pearl district, downtown.

I am not so keen on the whole Pearl district, which brought with it's development a form of gentrification so extreme, that it left my favorite part of Portland unrecognizable to me, but I will ignore that travesty for a decent cup of coffee and a pistole, on a hot day.

Gone are the industrial lofts and galleries, here are the yuppies and decent Italian coffee.

so it goes.

The Pearl has pretty much everything I look for in a cafe, Illy coffee, good simple bread, tastefully simple decor, marble tables, knotty pine credenzas, fresh flowers and really exceptionally great service.

I stopped in here on my way home from the hospital, after having Freyja, despite not feeling well, and the early immersion seems to have worn off, because nary a Sunday morning passes when she doesn't jump on my head at 6:30am and demand a Kaiser roll.

This is what I had to look forward to at home. A dining room so intensely hot, the candles were drooping.
They are my favorite candles too, dang.

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  1. i read you more often than i'm able to comment, so i don't usually go back and comment on old posts, but THIS PHOTO of the candles made me laugh until i hurt something!! hahahahhaha!!