Sunday, July 5, 2009

the finished product!

T A D A !
The carpet removal went fairly quickly, with Rolf helping. He is really strong, for a skinny guy and did a bang up job removing the nails without dinging up the floor too badly.

The previous owners, true to form, had used giant nails, much too large for the job, to nail down the little wooden slats that the carpet sticks to, so the job went a lot slower than usual, when you pull up carpet.
They also had gotten a little wild with the stapler, right down the middle of the room, and naturally there were old pet stains, but all in all it was much, much better than anticipated.

Mark and I went to Ikea this morning, grabbed the .99 breakfast and this new blue, cotton rug, which looks pretty good.
The white slip cover I made for the tv looks ok, so all in all I think the room is better than it was before. It is such an awkward shape, that it will never look "just right".


  1. A slipcover for the TV! What a great idea!

    Guess I'll have to learn to sew.

    The room looks great - that floor is in pretty good shape!

  2. It looks fabulous! Ripping up carpet can be a pain (they had gone crazy with the staple gun in our house too), but it's so, so worth it. Wood floors rock:-)