Sunday, July 5, 2009


The kids left Friday morning for the Oregon coast with my mom.
They do this every summer, and each time my mother swears it is the last time.
She drives up straight through from San Francisco, because she is crazy and crazy about her grandchildren, and winds up getting overly tired.

She then spends a week cooking and cleaning for four children and a host of other hangers on and family members she invited, and returns to my place exhausted, only to hop into the car the next day and drive the with the children back to her place.

Some where along the line I reluctantly fly to the bay area to pick up my kid.
Freyja will stay one week, my neices three weeks- Maxwell will fly home alone at the end of August.

While they are away I will work on some home improvment projects.

Our biggy this year is ripping out the hideous carpet in the livingroom.
I am also hosting a little party for some of my highschool friends.
One of them is flying into town for her stepdaughter's wedding! This wedding is making all of us feel very old.


  1. Your mom is insane. INSANE. But good on her, being crazy about the grandkids is a good kinda crazy.

    Is Freyja old enough to be gone for a WEEK?!? Wow! I am impressed! Or doubtful! (Who will she kick in the middle of the night?? Maxwell??)

    Now I'm all sad I can't come take advantage of you while the kids are gone. Those are the breaks.

  2. Wow, what freedom! Mine has never been away from me for more than a night. She's not crazy enough about her grandmothers to spend that much time with them.


  3. both of my kids are really close to my mom, and my brother and his wife are also there, and those big girls, and my aunt and her two grandchildren, so it works out. At christmas I had to go out in the snow to pick F up after about 12 hours, but I think she will do alright, if not, I can change my ticket. Maxwell will happily go where there is cable.