Sunday, July 19, 2009

hitting the road

I am not a very spontaneous person, so imagine my surprise when I found myself saying
To Rolf's suggestion for driving to the beach (we Oregonians go to the beach, not the coast or the shore), at 11:45 this morning.

At the time we were sitting in the parking lot of the mall, where I had just rushed in and purchased a new outfit to wear to my mother's house, where I will travel to this Thursday, to pick up Miss F.

It will be a one day, whirlwind trip, but I have nothing suitable for the hot weather they are having down south.

We made a quicky stop at the house to get the camera (which died after four crappy pictures! Damn battery!) and to let Ripley out for a potty break.

We went to Cannon Beach, the closest town, and also my favorite. It was really super windy on the beach, which was fine with me, but Rolf got really cold.
We walked down the beach in the water, to Haystack Rock and found this brilliant green seaweed along the way.
Then we walked back up the beach, into the town and got ice cream.
Then we drove home.
Without the kids in the car I gave into my cravings for speed, and made it back in an hour and a half!

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  1. oh, i love that photo of you! you look so happy and succulent and windblown!

    listen, if you can't be spontaneous when the kids are with gramma, well, when can you??