Friday, July 31, 2009


After making my earlier post, I felt like I had to come through, so I made Little Miss Red, during Freyja's nap.

The pattern is free on the blog

The sewing machine was in my room, where she was napping!
(STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! slapping forehead)

So I had to sew the whole doll by hand, which made it slightly slower going, than it normally would have been (about 1 hour start to finish, with cutting and all).

I also got the wacky notion to add a bit of lace, after the doll was about 3/4 finished, so that tacked on some extra time and made her look a bit less polished, in the end, since I had to tack the lace down in front.

I used french knots for eyes, and modified the hair.

I think she is pretty dang cute, despite her imperfections (just like me!).

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  1. i LOVE that fruity fabric - WOW! i want to make a skirt out of it or something!