Wednesday, July 22, 2009

goofing off - it's taking all my time

With Mark gone working Comic Con, and the kids at my mom's place I feel like a real lazy bone...
a layabout.

I have been lying in bed reading for long stretches, eating ice cream at inappropriate times, drinking coffee at 9:00pm, playing wayyyy too much online scrabble.

I have not been


I don't really go OUT, and wouldn't know what to do if I did go out, never the less people continue to ask me "have you been going OUT?!"
To which I now reply,
"Oh! YES!"
"WOW! Going OUT is sooo great!"

Rolf and I did venture out for dinner last night- big mistake, considering neither of us really wanted to go out, and weren't super hungry.
I wanted to go to The Hungry Skeleton on Belmont, and sit outside, and split a margarita, but he was being all cranky and insisted on going to the new Ethiopian place down the street on 50th & Division -Bette Lukas, or something like that.
The service was atrocious.
Not wacky bad, or so bad it's funny, just really shitty and slow and unwelcoming enough to ruin the mood and the meal.

Naturally, being the insecure ninny that I am, I suspected that I was being persecuted for my lack of hipness
(the place was chock-o-block with 20something, tattooed Portland hipsters types, including the new editor of Hip Mama, at the next table!)
as I was wearing my schlumpy salwar kameez from work, and it was about 900 degrees outside, so I was sort of wilted, maybe even a little sweaty and wrinkled.

The food was fine, but next time I want Ethiopian (which is fairly often), I will happily drive all the way out NoPo and eat at EnJoni's, where the lady is nice and sweet and friendly, and the food is good too.

The worst part of the cruddy meal out, wasn't the bad service, or the food.
It was the nauseating fragrance of the hand soap!!

I am picky about a lot of things, really picky, super picky, but I am NOT one of those overly sensitive allergic types, but I am telling you, the strength of the cheap perfume smell of that hand soap was enough to knock out a grizzly bear!

I rinsed and rinsed and could not get it off, I went all Lady Macbeth, for the remainder of the evening, scrubbing, rinsing, Mint Dr. Bronners, dish soap, Ajax (joking about the Ajax)...

It continued to linger this morning!

Oddly enough one of the teachers I work with came in while we were eating, and today said the same thing about both the service and the soap!


  1. goofing off is all i do. and like you i am a homebody so my brand of goofing off tends to impress exactly no one. except maybe moms of very young children who have forgotten what it's like to read a newspaper quietly and due to sleep deprivation don't have the energy to Go Out anyway either.

    it's a good life. i can't think of an inappropriate time to eat ice cream, either. any time you're ready is totally appropriate. the coffee, maybe - especially if it's not decaf and you have to work in the morning. caffeinated sleep is not restful.

    having no picture in my mind of salwar kameez, i looked up an image and spent an enjoyable few minutes playing dress-up with you in my mind. this was a favorite of mine.

    you know how people are always making fun of hipsters? i wonder if they just mean to make fun of snobby, failed fashionistas who think if they are Artists they're entitled to look down on the hoi polloi. pretty much any brand of snobbery is laughable when it's dissected.

    you will laugh, but i carry a tiny bottle of hand soap in my purse. i can not tell you how many times a dining experience has been ruined for me by overpowering hand soap perfume. why the hell don't restaurants, at least, just stock unscented soaps?!? what flowery smell isn't going to make their food taste like soap, anyway? bleah! major pet peeve of mine. (safeguard is the worst.)

  2. this soap was the granddaddy of all stinky soap!

  3. the thing I was wearing is black, and faded and Mark calls it my Ninja suit!