Sunday, May 31, 2009

movies and books

we now have NETFLIX, which is soooo much cooler than Blockbuster
(BB you totally suck and we hate you)
since they rarely had the good cable shows in and there is there really weird guy that works there and always picks a fight with Mark each time he went to rent a movie.

Last night we watched "Miller's crossing", and LOVED it all over again.
Gabriel Byrne is super cool and the whole mob theme is right up our alley.

We have been trying to watch the first season of "In Treatment" with Gabriel Byrne- which everyone on the PLANET loves, but I happen to hate. I don't know why, since the acting is really good, the writing is good...

I just can't stand it though.

I am just cracking a novel called "Lullabies for Little Criminals"
so far it is blowing my mind. I hope it keeps up. hope, hope.

I am also in the middle of "my life at first try"
by Mark Budman, which is awesome.
I love any story set in Siberia, but this one is especially touching and harsh and good, and moving and funny. I can't do it justice, just pick it up!


  1. I love Miller's Crossing, it is one of my favorites. Look into your heart!

  2. Heidi, that is the book I tried to send you in the mail and all you got is an empty envelope. I LOVED that book, I hope you like it, too.
    Miller's Crossing rocks.