Friday, May 15, 2009

poor old doggie

Rolf is away on a business trip for two weeks.
He left last Sunday, and both Freyja and the dog are bedside themselves over it.
Last night he phoned, and I put the receiver to Ripley's ear, and as soon as he heard Rolf's voice is jumped down and ran to the door!

He was so disappointed when his master didn't walk in.

Maxwell is dog sitting and doing a fairly decent job of caring for the dog in the over the top manner he is used to (although he has not been eating his meals at the table, like he does when Rolf is around to hold him on his lap.)

This is Freyja's dramatic & lengthy g o o d b y e !
She is being bribed with that lolipop, to let go of Rolf's neck (by him not me)

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