Saturday, May 23, 2009

two projects for today

We have another child birthday party to attend- this one is for Freyja's best friend, who happens to like pirates, so I made her this pirate vest, copied from the red one below, which I made for a ballet recital that Maxwell was in when he was four.

The original is slightly nicer, since I used a wool felt, and the trim is a lot nicer, than rick rack, but I think the blue one looks pretty snazzy too. Somewhere around here in the dress up trunk, there is a cool cumberbun made from grosgrain ribbon, that I made to go with the vest. It was a very nice costume if I do say so myself.

The skirt is for Miss F. She is refusing to wear anything but skirts these days, and when I was buying the felt for the vest I fell in love with that pear fabric.
I love anything with a pear motif... lots of pears in our house.

The whole thing took a lot longer than necessary, due to the fact that the tension on my machine was all screwed up, and every inch or so, the thread would break. That really put me in a bad mood, but I am happy with the final results.


  1. Those are both gorgeous, you're so talented. I love the pear skirt.

  2. that pear fabric is super cute! I am pleased with both.