Saturday, May 2, 2009

Maypole dance

Last night was the big Maypole shindig!
above is our gardener putting together the big flower wreath that goes on top of the Maypole, you can see the Cob house in the background.
Freyja was super excited. Her class baked bread for the event, and I made two cakes, so there was a lot of anticipation.

In the end she was not brave enough to do the dance without Mark, so for the second year, Mark danced the Maypole dance.

Maxwell was a great sport and wore a crown of flowers!

Here I am with my boss, and another colleague, setting up.

There were about 200 people, and the event turned out really well, the only glitch was some not very finger friendly food, but people wound up eating it all anyway- with their hands!

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