Monday, May 11, 2009

big stack of books

Mark and the kids got me a big stack of paperbacks for Mother's Day.

Snow Flower and the secret Fan

I started on this one by Lisa See, it is pretty good so far, but I was feeling a little woozley yesterday, and had to put it down because the chapter where the foot binding starts was just too gross, and too intense to take. I find this period of Chinese history really fascinating, so I am exciting to have this book.

I am also reading body of lies , which I am not in love with so far.
The story is ok, but not well written enough to really suck me in, in a big way- this one will take a long time to get through.
I suspect I will slog though it though, just because I am a sucker for spy stories.

Speaking of spys, I am also reading the last supper by Charles Mccarry. This is the story of how our spy hero Paul Christopher got into the business. I love the series and I love this book too, just for fun. McCarry knows how to write a good spy story and throw in a lot of historical facts that make it interesting and informative at the same time.

and last but not least, I started the man in the white sharkskin suit, a memoir about a Jewish Egyptian family, told by the youngest child. I just read the first chapter, but I think it will be an interesting story. I wasn't blow away, or anything, but the subject matter was unique enough to make me want to know more.


  1. The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit is really good.Alexandia at that time is pretty facinating. I own it, and I gave it to my mom, as she is interested in Jewish issues, and she loved it.

    The author used to write for the Village Voice, and now writes for the Wall Street Journal. I've been reading her stuff for years.


  2. Mark should get a job selecting books for people- he is just really good at it.
    I am glad it is good, I have something to look forward to this weekend!