Sunday, May 3, 2009


Mark just came home from the library with a really big stack, so I am feeling hopeful.

I am currently reading "the good wife", by Stewart O'Nan. It is ok. It is about a blue collar couple. The husband gets drunk and commits a bone headed crime, and the wife is left, pregnant, to deal with the aftermath.

The story is interesting and compelling, but I am always a little turned off by folks writing about the blue collar experience, when their writing seems less than sincere.

Something is a little off, I don't know if it is because a man is writing from the perspective of a pregnant woman, or if it is a class issue.

I have issues with class issues, so there you go.

I recently read "a simple plan", and I felt like the author was able to nail that small town blue collar perspective perfectly, so it isn't like I am totally off the charts picky.

We are watching season two of The Riches, and I continue to love it. Minnie Driver just nails the role as the trashy, traveler mother. Despite the fact that she is a low life, drug addled criminal, you love her and feel her love for her children. The show is over the top and far fetched in many respects, but the relationship between the children and the mom is touching and authentic.

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