Sunday, May 3, 2009

birthday cake

for some reason the photos upload backward from the order I select.

Here is the birthday cake the children and I made for Mark today.

It was a good project to kill some time early Sunday morning, and to let Mark have some peace and quiet.

He likes coconut a lot, so we made a basic yellow cake, with coconut milk, and it is frosted with apricot preserves thinned out with more coconut milk.

Those shockingly bright daisies are from a bouquet of dyed daisies (purple, blue and orange!) that Freyja picked out for me, when she and Mark brought me flowers for our wedding anniversary last Wednesday. We have now been married for ten years.
We did not, however party like it's 1999.
I just had to use that line, sorry.
The children and Rolf are listening to the magic bells sequence , in the Magic Flute, while the cake bakes.
Maxwell made the observation that his D&D story has a magic dance, that people can only stop dancing when they do the right steps, and I said, I think that is a pretty common theme, and Rolf gave the example of the magic bells... so it goes.

Freyja, and my faithful Sunbeam mixer, that I bought at an estate sale 20 years ago, for $5.

I love that it is big and yellow.

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