Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goodwill hunting

Freyja and Mark are out of town, at the beach with Mark's dad for the weekend.
Maxwell and I had to stay home, because Maxwell has his play this weekend, the final performance from the theater class he was in this term. We weren't that broken up over the prospect of a couple days without The Bootiful Princess.
Maxwell suggested going to Goodwill, which is something we both like to do on a Sunday morning.
I totally SCORED big! Finding a pair of Dansko sandals (which I was going to buy new for myself anyway) in perfect condition, AND these super cool black boots that look NEW. I also got those cute Garnet Hill kitty jammies, for Aunt Karen, who has a birthday coming up and loves both kitties and flannel jammies.
The dessert plates with the yellow roses are part of a German china collection my mother has, so I got them for her- they would sell at a antique store for $15-25 a plate, and these were $13 for 6, great deal.
The two teacups and saucers, are marked "West Germany US sector", and in perfect condition, and they work really nicely as candle holders!
Maxwell got some comics and a big Garfield collection book.
I found two sundresses for Miss F, too, so everyone should be happy!

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