Thursday, June 25, 2009

Class Struggle

Freyja and I went to our local food co-op yesterday, for their farmer's market.

It was one of those spur of the moment things and I was not prepared with cash, so we headed into the store to buy something small, and get cash back.

The place with packed with like minded cashless folks, many who were mamas with babies and toddlers.

The small space was teeming, and disorganized.

Bootiful Princess had laid claim to a tiny shopping cart on the way in, and was throwing lots of expensive organic bling into it with two hands, faster than I could unpack the stuff.

We wound up settling on raspberries, kombucha, and lemon aide, which I knew was going to cost me a pretty penny.

There were four lanes open for check out, and all four lines were twisted, dynamic affairs. We chose one and waited, and waited and waited.

Finally, after much fussing, the checker and the official, harried guy closed down the register.

Normally this would have caused a lot of grumbling, but because we were in hippie central, everyone remained calm and chatty, moving to the back of the next meandering, long line.

Freyja was content to mess up the magazine display and load and unload her cart, so I was willing to wait.

The party ahead of me, made up of four 10ish girls and what I assume was a nanny or big sister, in her early 20's or late teens, was also cheerfully eating berries, giggling and running around the tight space, UNTIL, the matron of the group came in to put a kibosh on all the tom foolery! This gal looked like something out of central casting; "middle aged, preppy, housewife".

She was wearing an Izod tennis dress (who in Portland, even on the west side wears those? Is this 1982?) with spotless white sneakers, and a diamond "tennis" bracelet, heavily frosted hair and a big old Le Sport Sac.

Clearly not from around these parts!
Now I don't like to judge (Oh, who am I kidding, I totally do), but I could just TELL, that this gal was trouble.

She stormed up to nanny and demands to know why they are in the other line.

"They made you go to the back of the other line?"

ummm, where else would we go?

Should we cut in front of the other ten families waiting innocently in the other line?

When we checked out, Freyja was dawdling as usual, and I observed that this gal, and this gal only was sporting a $5 off card, for her purchase, of two pint baskets of blueberries.

Ahh, the rich get richer!

It crossed my mind for an instant to ask for one myself, after all I had waited in line for 20 minutes, but then I thought better of it and decided that co-op is not the place to be cheap and cranky, I can do that at home!

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