Friday, June 19, 2009

a magnetic personality

Our dear Ripley St. Jude is just not that bright, add to that his propensity for accidents, ill health and bad luck and you get one very pitiful poodle! (you can see his shaved leg, where he had an IV recently, when he had to have FIVE more teeth pulled!)

Rolf had just returned from mushroom hunting, and we were all busy processing the beautiful morels when we heard a sad doggie wail coming from the kitchen.

When we check it out, we found Ripley attached to the refrigerator by a really powerful magnet, that I am using to hold the fabric down (only had enough Velcro on hand for the top, must go to fabric store).

Having a scientist around comes in handy when you need things like super strong magnets!

The dog's tag is what attracted him to the magnet.
We freed him and continued on with our work, in the rain!
the mushrooms are now soaking in brine for 24 hours and we will eat them with goat cheese on Saturday!

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