Saturday, August 22, 2009

social anxiety

I managed to have dinner with friends, Thursday, despite my usual total social anxiety -the anxiety was there, but I ignored it long enough to have a really lovely time and drink wayyy too much wine.
I was considering cancelling right up until 6:15, when it would have been overtly rude, since they were coming at 7:00.
I did something I never do- I had no dinner prepared and wound up serving the most shameful mish mash of things I found in the cupboard, and only felt mildly guilty for it.
I also left dishes in the sink and chatted rather than washing them.
I am calling it Progress.

1 comment:

  1. i am also calling it progress! it is definitely progress over constantly planning to get together and then ... not. for no really good reason, ever.

    thank you for not washing the dishes! i usually do that too, and it typically signals my guests that i'm done for the night, so they leave early. it's completely stupid of me.

    keeping standards low keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. it's a good thing.