Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Daddy's HOME!

After working something like 12 days in a row, Mark was able to take a couple days off last week.

Unfortunately, it was during the hideous HEAT WAVE, you may remember me complaining incessantly about.
Ring a bell?
Since being at home felt like a living HELL, we headed downtown (NW really, but you all aren't that picky, right?) to Jamison Square, where one of the only decent things to come out of the gentrification of NW Portland, is- A big-ass fountain,
in a super, duper yuppie 'hood, complete with cute little lawn chairs THAT AREN'T EVEN CHAINED DOWN!

Talk about how the other half lives!


So we drove our trashy, SE ,sweaty bodies across town and waded in the cool water for a while, before retreating back across town to swelter & play Playmobile Pirate.


You may ask is Mark eating an apple in every photo?
The answer is I don't really know.
He and Maxwell have what appears to be an endless appetite for eating apples, so there you go. Nature's toothbrush, and all that.

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