Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pasta feast for six

After the shameful events of Thursday, involving ground beef and green beans, I seem to have recovered my cooking mojo and energy enough to make a grand Italian feast for the fam, plus Rolf's friend K.
It all started earlyish in the afternoon, with marinating artichoke hearts, and cooking eggplant & peppers for caponata.
boiling eggs, for stuffed eggs with capers & dill.
and finally mixing up the dough for fettuccine
Maxwell pooped out fairly quickly, but Freyja had a lot of stamina for cranking out the noodles (doesn't everyone make pasta in the nude?)
I also made a polenta cake with peaches & bluberries.
using the wooden spoon as a microphone!
we rounded things out with marinated fingerling potatoes, Caprese salad, marinated tuna & shrimp, and arugula.
then whipped cream, cake and coffee!


  1. if there are people who do *not* make pasta in the nude, i think they are missing out. miss f makes a compelling case that it's more fun than the oppressively modest would lead us to believe.

    and dude, if you regularly think that having friends for dinner means you must make even the most basic ingredients (your own fettucine, for the gods' sakes??) then no wonder we don't see more of each other. next time i'm buying deli food from new seasons and coming over at seven whether you like it or not.

  2. it was a gift from the gods, to have you. for REAL.