Thursday, August 13, 2009

lust for lusterware

I had another amazing thrifting day this week!
I found two beautiful, PERFECT lusterware cups with plates (hand painted in Germany) as well as this sweet little vase.
If I decide I don't want to keep them I can easily sell them on e-bay for 10x what I paid.
The cup sets are so lovely, though, I imagine cheese spread in them (how about bleu cheese balls with walnuts and dried cranberries?) with crackers fanned out on the little plates, as appetizers for Thanksgiving.

I also found a Columbia Sportswear parka for Maxwell, in perfect condition, as well as a really nice Ralph Lauren pull over and khaki's! NICE!


  1. why wait 'til thanksgiving? i'm available most evenings 'til the 24th; i have a housesitting gig in sellwood. i can bring dried cherries, which are delicious, someone brought them right from the farmer in michigan and i'm sure they'd also go well with cheese ...

  2. sounds like a good idea. Let me know what your schedule is like.