Thursday, August 13, 2009

don't let the sun go down on your grievances

What a week!

We watched the documentary of "grey gardens" the amazing and tragic/pathetic story of two super eccentric relatives of Jackie O! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

and as if that wasn't enough dysfunction for my dysfunction loving soul, I just found out that

Sublime stitching is doing a series of embroidery transfers from the art of Daniel Johnston!

If you are not familiar with Daniel, you just have to go and check him out, because there is no way for me to explain him.

I have loved his music for almost 20 years, but I always seem to miss him when he plays Portland.

And last but not least, I finished Augusten Burroughs book of essays Possible side effects
I loved "running with scissors" but hated all his other work, so this book was really refreshing!
I liked almost all the stories a lot and laughed out loud at several. Makes my shitty family seem almost ideal by comparison.
When he writes about his love for his dogs, there is a pureness and authenticity that makes you want to put up with all his other affectation and phoniness.
A really good read.

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