Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Animal turf war

This is what it has been like outside for days and days and weeks.
I planted some seeds in these pots a while ago, but I suspect that they have all frozen.

I can see a little hint of chives sprouting up, and the lavender, thyme and rosemary will all be just fine. The sage will spring back too, but I dunno about those pansies, they may be goners.

I know that they are considered "annuals" but I swear I let them go to seed each fall and they come right back up, like champs each spring.

This year, not so much.

I always grow a few pots of tomatoes, but otherwise I make no pretense of gardening.

I do like to have my herbs and a few edible flowers for garnish... but that is it. I mow the lawn, and leave all the rest to nature.
I have a little pitiful quince tree in front, that produces exactly three quinces each November, just in time for Thanksgiving, and we have a big overgrown Elder, that we use to make teas and syrup, against colds, but no real gardening happens around here, anymore.

I found this little configuration today, on a high curio shelf.

I noticed that Freyja had taken my stacking dolls apart.

She likes the tiny ones.

I let her have my cheap-o sets, but these two I keep on a high shelf. I might even give her the ladybug set, it is lovely but not my style. It was a gift from someone that doesn't know me very well.

It has a really teeny, tiny baby inside, that I fear she will swallow it, so I haven't given it to her yet, not that it prevents her from pushing up a chair and ransacking it when I am out.

The homely one, is from Poland, and i love it and I want to keep her for myself. Isn't that silly?

I bought her about 20 years ago, when I worked in a European toy store, and I just like her.

I don't feel like sharing.

The ceramic dog head arranged there by Miss F, is my, rendition, of my dear old poodle Ted Braun- his ashes are sitting just to the right, in an urn, and that clay head was on top of the urn, like a marker. It might seem odd to have a urn of your poodle's ashes on a kitchen shelf, but just remember that Giovanna the cat's ashes are there too, so that things are sort of evened out. Makes sense to me, and to Rolf and no one else really notices most of the time.

Thank goodness she didn't open it up.

I will have to remind Mark to keep closer watch when I am out of the house.

Then there is the little battle over the dog bed that is raging in the opposite corner of the kitchen nook.
The dog has slept in that corner for 8 years. The cat has just recently decided that is bed belongs to her.

No matter that the cat can go into the living room and lounge on the sofa, where the dog is not allowed, or that the cat is much too LARGE for the dog's bed.

She wants it, and will take it by force if necessary.

So it goes.

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  1. My dog 'tells' on the cat for stealing her bed. She comes into the living room whining and yipping until someone gets up to chase the cat off.