Monday, March 23, 2009

last gasp disjointed mess of a post

so I finally found a gilt frame and mat for my print!!

and it is now gracing the entry way.

I am in LOVE with that orange wall.

LOVE it!

I would have gone crazy and painted every room that color, had we not just painted the living room last summer.

I love the print- it is from a painting from a local gal, Mark got it for me for Christmas. LOVELY!

The painting below it, was painted in the mid 70's by a family friend.

He was wheelchair bound, from polio, and had a lot of time on his hands to paint, study math and the classics and garden.

When his parents died, his sister took on his care and she left nearly everything of the parents and Jim behind.

She felt like it was all a bunch of old junk- junk like first edition books, artwork, and silver silverware.

She had her parents cremated and strewn around the garden, which might me nice, but my grandmother felt that it was grossly disrespectful, and phoned me to say

"S--- is out throwing Kathleen in the yard".

Don't worry grandma, I will never let anyone throw you in the yard, I promise.

Needless to say we put grandma in a crypt of her choice, up off the ground.

I am honored to have this bit of "trash", it is a beautiful painting and I knew the kitty subject for most of my childhood.

Even the frame is cool!
This curtain on the front door, is half of an old tablecloth that my grandmother embroidered.

She did really beautiful handwork on all of her tea towels (she called them dishrags) towels, and linens.

I have a few pieces, but most were used for daily use and pretty trashed.

This one had a giant coffee stain on half, but it makes a nice little curtain.
Mark and Freyja hanging out & below, Mark's family, post dinner.

a bunt cake for Mark's BIL, who also was having a birthday, and no hallie- no beets were involved.

I promise to stop talking about this silly dinner party, I swear, after I post a couple more photos.

Everything went well, and I think MIL was please, or at least I hope she was. I was tired, but I was pretty laid back, for me, so the evening was a success. My husband was very happy, so it was worth it. My house is still super clean, which is a bonus to hosting something like this.
more food prep


  1. I love those plates! You have such great taste.

  2. lessee, I made a response to this earlier and it's GONE. Damn it to hell! why does this blog eat comments?
    Ann, I purchased the plates, to resell, as they are pretty HOT on E-Bay, but I kind of love the little bumble bee so I may keep them.