Thursday, March 26, 2009


This week is spring break for Maxwell, but I had to work M, T, W so it turned out pretty blahh, I'm afraid.

He is going on a big trip to DC with my mom over
Easter week (her spring break) so I don't feel too terrible about it.

We made some sushi rolls today
(his favorite food!)
and he had a friend over, so the whole day wasn't that bad.

These are super easy to make, with veggie crab, baby corn, carrot and bamboo shoots.

He also likes to eat the seaweed just as is.

I also was goofing around with making a vegan jello type desert out of Agar Agar, and fruit juice.

It came out fairly well, however next time I need to use a more concentrate juice- it was a bit watery.

The consistency was excellent, so I can see a lot of potential for fruit tarts, with a glistening Agar Agar glaze.

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