Friday, March 20, 2009

Two tears in a bucket... and so on

so I took a short break in my polishing and cooking and rearranging to go out to din din with dear housemate, then back to the grindstone.

I am officially done, save heating stuff up, and making rice.

I need to prepare the kitchen table for cakes, but I can do that in the morning.

here's what I wound up with.

I busted out some Mikasa stoneware from the 70's, that I love- I remember my grandma Betty having something similar with really tacky gold bubble glassware, that I would freaking KILL to have today- I am sure they landed in a landfill sometime in the mid 80's.

I don't know that it all really works with the white, but I like it and I am bloody well going to use it-

so there. as a wise woman once said two tears in a bucket mutha f&%ck it.

I personally usually like tall dramatic flowers, or unusual fruits arrangements, but my husband hates talking over my arht.

so there you go. low down flowers.

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