Sunday, March 15, 2009

a family cook along!

We like to have big family dinners on Sunday.

and by dinners I mean 4:00pm

Today we whipped up some Austria-Hungarian goodness, in the form of wide noodles (pare boiled) sauteed in butter, until crisp & golden, then farm fresh eggs are scrambled in.

Served with sour cream and a salad with vinaigrette, green beans and sauteed mushrooms.

Rolf and Freya are working on a raspberry & blueberry sauce to top off Swedish cream, then coffee.

After much hand wringing from me, Freya took off her dress, and continued the process in underclothing, much less likely to suffer from berry stains. see that little yellow custard cup? That belonged to my great grandmother. Both my father and I enjoyed eating soft boiled eggs out of it as children. My grandmother gave it to me, sometime when I was a teenager and I love it. It is both beautiful and functional. Thanks grandma Koko, you had excellent taste! Cheers.

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