Friday, March 20, 2009


Miss Freyjabootifulprincesslemondropbowtiebubblegum and I spent the morning preparing for the dinner party tomorrow night.

We looked to Martha for inspiration, then said screw it and did our own thing.

the finished product all ready to be popped into the oven!

We Vacuumed A LOT.
We shopped for flowers,
brought them home and stuffed them into baskets.
They look pretty darn good too!

We shopped for food.

We went to the Lebanese market and the supermarket.

We moved the furniture around several times,

to find the best way to fit 12 people into our dining room, which is currently serving double duty as a sort of lounge, with a giant green sofa in it.

It all works fine as long as we restrict the number of diners in the room to 6, but when we need to spread out that couch is a real problem.

I think I have a way of making it work.

I think.

For right now anyway, I am at ease. I may work myself into a frenzy before the evening is out.

I also prepped most of the food, so that the only last minute thing I have to take care of is RICE.

Rice, sadly is not a do ahead item, so there you are.

I will just have to wait.

I hate waiting.

Bootiful Princess seen here wearing the too large bootiful princess dress, she talked Onkie into purchasing for her, that she tops every outfit with. I have given up the power struggle- allowing her to wear it 24/7 for the past week.

Today was the last ballet class for the "Swan Lake" class.

Prior to leaving for the class, Freyja threw a big fit.

When we got to the class, I had a headache.
I was not chipper or lovely.

She left her slippers in the car.

I had to run (and I do not run, unless someone is chasing me), back to the car, and then back to the class.

I was cranky and resentful.

I read my book a little.

I forgot the camera.

We will start ballet again next week, with a different theme.

I refuse to feel too badly about my lack of enthusiasm. or photos, although I think the other mothers thought I was a big meany.


  1. Hey, you got her there. And prepared a big party. I thinking smiley and charming is above and beyond.


  2. that is certainly my point of view. Next class is "sleeping beauty" I will surely bust out the camera for sleeping beauty- righghghghghght?