Monday, March 16, 2009

the weather underground

Now, as a rule I am opposed to talking (er, writing) about the weather.

Pretty bottom of the barrel stuff, even for me.

but the weather over the past few months, has got me totally freaked out.

End of the world kinda nervous.

Global warming, except COLD.


The snow at Christmas was bad- but it was DECEMBER after all, so I was sort of ok with it.

Today we had this freakish sideways hail.

Sideways, RAIN is nothing new in Portland, happens all the time-
but this was cold HAIL, pouring down in biblical proportions.

Something I had not experienced before, at least not with this kind of intensity.

I remember is snowing in March of 1988, but that was some kind of wacky, one off, and it passed quickly. It did not carry the same punch, that the weather seems to be packin' these days.

This has just been months of cold, cold weather, that leaves me feeling like the end is near.

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