Friday, April 3, 2009

Tart tatin

I made this French classic on a dare from Rolf last night.

He has been trying to make one for years, with no success, in fact with much failure, generally producing an inedible greasy mess.

Mine came out well, but I came near burning the heck out of my torso in the process of flipping it out of the pan... so I don't really see myself baking another one anytime soon.

The cake is baked upside down, to produce the caramel covered apples on the top, which involved pulling a 9" , 350 degree cast iron pan (HEAVY!!) out of the oven and flipping it's contents in one motion onto a serving plate.

The flipping went ok, but boiling sugar/butter poured out all over the counter and splashed over my front, but luckily I was wearing an over sized t-shirt, which I ripped off instantly and didn't get burned.

It made a giant mess, though.

Despite losing a good deal of the caramel topping, the cake was deemed a huge success by Rolf, so I suppose it was a good evening after all.

I used our "apfelmachine" a German apple peeling and cutting device, that is really cool and old fashioned looking, to cut the apples into uniform slices, and peel them at the same time.

I like any excuse to bust that thing out and make some uniform apple slices!

Maxwell karate chopping something in the fridge- don't ask why

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