Sunday, April 26, 2009

teeny, tiny patio

I put in a tiny little patiolette today, in the back yard.

yes, the grass needs mowed, I know, I know.

a little square of flagstones to put the trash cans on, and to keep some of the grass at bay.

The sidewalk was too narrow in the space, to have a walkway and to have the trash, and it was a constant annoyance to me.


Was that ever some hard work!


The sand is still sitting on top of the bricks, because I am still letting it settle, but I think it looks pretty freaking good.

I dug down about 3" and removed the dirt and grass, then leveled it off, put down some course gravel, added the pavers, the filled in with fine sand.

My back is totally shot.

Mark was really surprised when he came up from working on the computer in the basement- I had threatened to do this for years.

Now I want to cover over the entire back yard. I hate mowing the grass, and the dog is the only one who ever hangs out back there.

I am so empowered by this project, I feel like making all kinds of brick paths, and designs!

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