Monday, April 13, 2009

making something of myself

Crafting. I like it. A lot.
but I am not one of those perfect crafters that produce picture perfect works of art.

I am in the process of making 45 garlands for the preschool May pole dance.

Piece of cake really (although I will most likely also make several pieces of cake, too).

It is just a single crochet, using a double strand of yarn.

In this case I am using up a giant stash of really hideous synthetic yarn I inherited from Mark's grandmother.

I have boxes and boxes of the ugliest shittiest yarn on the planet, but it works well for what will most likely be a disposable product.

We have the families bring flowers to weave into their child's headband and


a garland fit for a king or queen!

I also whipped up a fabric basket, crocheted out of strips of cotton fabric. I make rugs using this same technique.
The basket came out really beautiful, but you can't tell from the photos here, because my stupid camera over exposes everything and makes it look ugly. I also forget to take the picture, until I had already wrapped the bloody thing up and put a jar of carob molasses into it and put it into the car, so that I wouldn't forget to bring it to work with me in the morning.

I took the picture inside the car, because right as I remembered that I wanted a photo, it started to POUR RAIN!
So there you are.

Me and my ratty photography again.

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