Sunday, April 26, 2009

She's Thrifty

I had a couple of good scores thifting this week.

I found these two champagne flutes- I have 9 of them already (a couple got broken over the years).

I bought them a couple of them about 15 years ago at Pottery Barn, I think they were $7 a piece at the time, which was really steep for me, my boyfriend at the time gave me the rest as a birthday gift.

I was delighted then, and I still love them.

They are heavy Hungarian glass, with beautiful subtle color, which this photo doesn't do justice to.

These two are blue and gold, the ones I have are crimson and gold, but I am still happy to have them, and at $1.99 each, they were a good buy.

I used to love Pottery Barn glassware, years ago, but recently they don't have anything that cool, just very boring ordinary stuff, nothing from Hungary or the Czech Republic, which is what I really like. Makes it easy not to shop!

I also found a copy of The princess bride and a nice pair of jeans for me (which were bootcut, which I HATE! but 10 minutes on the sewing machine took care of that!), for $5.

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