Monday, April 27, 2009


this little chicken in a nest is for one of Miss F's friend's birthday. I try to make all the children at the preschool, toys for their birthdays, that are like the handmade toys in the classroom.
One child's mother is a really excellent seamstress, so we bought Disney princess dolls for that child- everyone else gets Waldorf stuff!
This little chicken is just a knit square folded in half, stuffed and sew together. I then crochet a cockscomb onto it's head... sometimes I add some orange or red on the beak, but not today.
the doll is modeling the cape, because if F got her hands on it, fogetaboutit, I would never get it wrapped up, for the party. I like to put this little piece of ribbon on the front instead of a tie, because I am always nervous about little kids tying anything around their necks.
big pile of stuff building up on the buffet. The Maypole is Friday and the birthday is Saturday, then I hopefully will have a clear spot for a while.

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