Monday, April 11, 2011

that's some powerful Juju

I am filing this experience under be careful what you ask for ...
I have been complaining about the kitchen floor for years, I hate vinyl and scruffed up tacky vinyl even more.
I curse the floor daily as I mop and scrub  to try to make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

The overflowing toilet of last week is my ticket out of cruddy floorville. 

The insurance guy is upstairs measuring things and it looks like they will pay to replace, not only the bathroom, hall and kitchen eating area flooring, but the mudroom and the kitchen too, since they all kind of flow together.
the asbestos removal team is coming tomorrow to rip out the toxic floor lurking under the bathroom tile.  
I am sharpening up my coping skills and behaving like a champ, with all the hubbub. 
A new floor, wheee!

The bathroom floor will require some kind of covering, I am shooting for ceramic tile, but we will see what the budget it.

The dining area and the hall have wide fir plank flooring (although covered in black GLUE) that could be refinished and varnished. 

If my father were here he would tell me that the width of the that particular type of wood floor dates the house to before 1920?
I think, that is right, I tend to nod off when instructed on the properties of wood products, but I think I am close. Those type of wood floors are unique to farm houses of the Pacific Northwest.
I think.
I am a bad daughter who will never work in the timber industry, or be a lumberjack.

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