Friday, April 8, 2011

a series of unwelcome turn of events

That is what Rolf said when I phoned him in Germany this afternoon, after tracking him down by sending a "private message" to his niece on Facebook.

On Wednesday the toilet overflowed, running for five hours while I was at work. When I got home there was about 2" of water in my kitchen, and about 4" standing in the basement. 
The water went into the basement through a heat vent and the LAUNDRY SHOOT!

I spent five hours cleaning up the mess, and doing TEN loads of laundry, because I had used every towell in the house to mop the floors,  then had Mark phone the insurance company because I was really scared to turn on the furnace, and that the bathtub might fall through the floor. 

The insurance people sent over a very sweet man that couldn't believe how efficient I am with cleaning.  He did some additional mopping with special destinking agent and put three giant dehumidifiers in the basement and bathroom. 

He also started drilling HOLES all over the damn house, to test for lead paint! In addition to boring holes in my kitchen walls, he started ripping giant samples of tiles out of the bathroom and hall, to test for asbestos, leaving me wondering how what to do if they say they are NOT going to cover the damage (which wasn't even noticeable prior to all the testing.)

To make things even more stressful we discovered that our home owner's policy is only in Rolf's name (oops!) and Rolf happens to be on holiday in the woods in Germany. 

This is all coming on the heels of a very emotionally draining week, that started with my uncle dying, some drama with the extended family, an unexpected visit from my mother for three days, me having to attend a two day seminar for preschool directors over the weekend, then work for five hours serving food at a fundraiser on Sunday, then Mark's grandfather dying.
I feel like that scene in Garp, when the airplane hits his house, nothing else can possibly happen, right?


  1. I'll be all positive and say, he would have had to test for lead paint and asbestos in order to get an accurate quote on what it would take to repair anything responsibly, but maybe I'm being a pollyanna here.

    Having said that, sweet sweet baby jesus in the manger, that should be enough bullshit for one fiscal year, shouldn't it??

  2. you are right, they have to know, however, I think it is possible to take a tiny sample, rather than ripping out the whole blasted floor... what it the insurance will not cover the replacement. I guess I am just totally screwed.