Monday, April 18, 2011

I felt oddly  empowered all day today.  I have had a series of pretty productive (some would say chaotic, I am choosing productive) work days the past few weeks.

I marveled  at  our welfare system at work, while waiting on hold for a case worker to tell me why they thought changing a mother in the "works" programs childcare from 106 hours a month to 18 hours month was a good way to keep the woman employed. 

The sweet man on the other end didn't have an answer for me, but he assured me that I had done my end of the paperwork correctly, so I suppose I should have felt better.  I didn't, but knowing I can add up some numbers, stamp and address an envelope correctly is one for my self esteem bank. 

I have been interviewing people for the past two weeks, and man oh man am I ever getting some impressive resumes! Must be a result of the shitty economy.  I have a UC Berkeley grad with a with a MA dying to work for $10 and hour.
I always ask for a handwritten, creative letter of interest and I have gotten some beauties.  One particularly creative fellow sent me a paper seed husk, with a mechanical leaf and shoot that you pull out to reveal his letter, as the inside of the seed. 
All manner of collage, handmade paper and one gal sent me two high end granola bars!

I feel honored to spend time with so many talented young people, and happy to be able to hire five.

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