Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Calling in favors, Chaturanga, a "whore's bath" and what might kill me

I thought I was keeping it together pretty well... when I left the house at 4:30 to take the children to swimming, Juan and company were still making a lot of noise in the bathroom (have I mentioned that we have a bath and a HALF, and the half has no tub?)  with their whirring machines and vacuum suction thingies that remove all the bad dust.

Mark met us at the pool as usual, and took Freyja home, Maxwell stayed on for karate and I headed off to yoga
(it was not nice yoga, it was an hour of punishing Vinyasa  f l o w, that kicked my ass).

The whole time my chest was glued to my thighs in forward fold, each time I rested in downward facing dog, every  time I touched my forehead to the floor, I imagined my lovely fir dining area, and my new bathroom floor and it made me happy.

Happiness, my friends is an ILLUSION. 

I arrived home to what looked like the set of a horror film.

My toilet is sitting in the tub, the fir floor is GONE from the bathroom and the super scary, nasty 100 year old sub floor is all that is left in the bathroom.

The area around the toilet has horrible, bad, terrible, water damage, and the underside of the floor beams appear to be BURNED, yes, as in, sometime in the past 100 years there was a house fire here.

The price tag on the repairs just sky rocketed and my composure is as risk.

Mommy is no longer able to access her happy place.

I knew Mark would freak about the shower (or lack of shower), so I went full tilt into problem solving mode.

We have a plan,

Mark will go to his mother's place to get ready in the morning, and I will get up at 5:00, go to the gym, take a shower come home, pick up kids (did I mention that Portland Public in all their wisdom, now have 2 hour late OPENING once a month, on Wednesdays?!!) take Freyja to before care (thank GOD and all that is holy that we opted to pay for before care) and Maxwell to Rolf's friend S's house, which is within walking distance to his school.

S will make him breakfast and hang out with him until school starts.

S runs a little B&B out of her house, and she has a former Chinese diplomat staying there right now, so it should give Maxwell a reason to chat about his China trip.

Rolf is still out of town, but thank goodness I can call in a marker on his favors with his friends, when I am in a jam.
Karma is working in my favor today.

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