Thursday, April 21, 2011

My son is being relentlessly mean spirited and caustic toward me, which makes me wonder if I really am some kind of terrible person, or he is just an insufferable brat.  He has always been such a sweet child, I don't know where this is coming from.
Today, Out of spite, I made him make his own breakfast AND wash his own bowl.  I will show him how mean I really am!


  1. pre teen/teen years are trying. I'm there too,look at my girl wrong and she would shoot you if she could :/

  2. I am also of the mind that anyone who's having everything provided for them and uses their spare time to express anything but gratitude clearly needs more responsibility. HA!!

  3. It's definitely the tween/puberty thing.

    "I made him make his own breakfast AND wash his own bowl."
    What a cruel and unusual punishment.

    Here I turn around and face rage for small infractions. And also fashion advice on my terrible choice of lipstick colors and being such an unfashionable hippie as to wear a backpack.

  4. Aquitana,
    no self respecting, backpack wearing hippie would wear that shade of lipstick and you know it, MAN!