Friday, April 22, 2011

aint it funny how an old broken bottle looks just like a diamond ring?

experimenting with black and white.  I think I like it.
 Today was one of those amazing, sunny, brisk Portland days, where everything is green from all the rain.  People were out on the streets like crazy, at school time pick up.
The sky was a beautiful blue and cloudless.
 We decided to stop in at Staccato gelato for a treat on the way home. 

Their donuts are excellent and the gelato is worth writing home about. 

The small size ice cream dishes are super expensive, but if you get a large, you can chose four flavors for $3.75, which is fun, if you are squeamish about sharing ( I am most certainly NOT, however Miss Bootiful Princess often makes a fuss and is not very skilled at sharing).  

We chose chocolate orange, coconut, Peep (you know those hideous marshmallow chicks? ) and white chocolate chunk. 
I usually like to get the pistachio, but the Peeps wanted Peeps.

messing around with color saturation on the camera.

 Maxwell opted not to share very much, he did want a "bite" of the Peep flavor.
Can I have a bite Mommy?  My children's mantra.
and had an Izzy soda and a brownie all to himself.

Freyja has a "pink princess" donut, which reminded me of the strawberry cake my grandma Betty used to make for my birthday.  Try asking your grandma to make a strawberry cake in January in the 70's before it was common to have off season fruit, and you will get a white cake dyed pink with strawberry jam, and nonpareils on top for decoration.                   I have always been high maintenance.


  1. I think that last pic is my new fav pic,of F. I don;t know why, the pink and the saturation ,whatever it is,it works.

    The ice cream shot reminds me of one I took in Paris which is very similar. Ahh, Paris......

  2. I wish I could send you back, just to listen to your reactions again, I feel that way about Rome.