Friday, April 15, 2011

like the Beatles said- It's getting better all the time

The reconstruction of the bathroom is HAPPENING!


You don't know how well you have it until you live without a bathroom for a few days!

imagine our SURPRISE when we came home to this disgusting mess on Tuesday

Those asbestos removal guys weren't messing around!

heading out at 5:00am to shower at the gym, wearing my wrappy, sari, sweaterish thing over my yoga clothes, and no makeup, there should be a law against 43 year olds heading out in public like this.

When I got home today I wasn't sure what to expect.
The kids were a little drained by the ordeal too, and Freyja didn't want to go in.
Ben the super construction dude, had the tile all set, and had patched in new tiles, where the asbestos guys had broken them off the walls. 

Ben is another example of how blessed I am to have good friends.  My friend pulled him off work at her place to come and attend to our emergency.  I had worked with him a lot for work, so I knew he was honest and would do a great job. 

We are looking at two more days, and we will be done. 

Sadly he is committed to six months of renovations at my friend's Eco Village, so he will not be able to do our kitchen and dining area. 

He replaced all the sub flooring, the broken pipes and will reset the toilet- all the really hard stuff!

Thank goodness!

I am dancing on the inside with happiness tonight.

The house is totally TRASHED with saw dust, and muddy footprints, but I am ignoring all of that and feeling super happy with what I have.

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