Friday, April 8, 2011

drive it like you stole it

Remember that auction I had to attend for Freyja's school? 

I won this cute apron. 

The woman arranging things phoned me to say "you won the apron, you can pick it up in the office."

Except it wasn't in the giant pile of auction items in the office. 

So I phoned her back and explained that my apron wasn't there, and that I have to pick my son up across town right after I pick up my daughter, so I would really value her sending the apron to my daughter's classroom when she finds it, so I don't have to make another trip to the office, which is super crowded and crazy at 3:00pm, and the school secretary appears to HATE helping people.
I hear nothing for a week, so I call again.
Nothing for a couple of days and I start getting pissed off, because I have done a million auctions and I never treat people (regardless of how annoying they may be) like this, besides I spent $77 and I want my god damned apron.
Then another week passes and I am totally furious, so I call again and this time I say "You know, I have left two messages and it really leaves a bad impression not to hear back from you." in a nice but serious tone.
At that point I decide that I will forget about the apron.
Two more days pass and the woman calls to tell me that the apron is in the office, that she was overwhelmed, and that she is "just a volunteer trying to help the children",

while I am clearly a selfish bitch that hates the children.  So there you go, I am clearly not cut out for auctions.


  1. We know how much you hate the children and are never doing ANYTHING for them bad lady!!! The apron is awesome though,isn't it?

  2. Apologies are much better served without counter-accusations for seasoning on top of a heaping pile of neglect, but whatever lady.

    That *is* cute. I'd have been furious too! LOL