Sunday, March 28, 2010

with nothing to do, I feel a little naked

Our evening last night ended nicely with a festive dinner, with friends and a last gasp editing session on the paper Rolf is presenting in Bremen.

Cross your fingers that is goes well.

Freyja was excited to get to stay up late and watch a German puppet show from the 70's on video, in Onkel's room.   

The editing required one wine run to Plaid Pantry...

I packed Rolf suitcase at 10:30pm, took him to the airport this morning and found myself with nothing to do all day.  No deadlines, no demands (other than the very demanding Princess).

Freyja had two playdates, one before and one after, which is awesome for me, as the companions free me up to do things like catch up on the Anthony Bourdain blog, and finish a book.

Mark helped me vacuum up the cracker crumbs after the last child left and some how it was 6:00pm.

I am having cheese puffs and coffee for dinner ( a winning combination!), and calling it a night.

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