Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am sitting around waiting for 9:00pm, so I can watch LOST.

I have two hot books going at the moment
The woman from Hamburg by Hanna Krall , and once again I am taking the easy way out and suggesting your read this review.  I keep stumbling onto stories set in Poland, and by cracky I like them! 
This gal is a great writer, using a really subtle touch, that gave me chills, in the story where the fellow goes back to the town and points out this and that house, and what they used to do, and their nicknames, and the fact that they are all dead.  Really powerful and unsentimental.

The other one is The Power of One, set in South Africa, during WWII.  Again heavy, but delightfully well written.  The brutality of institutionalized racism is captured brilliantly.  Some of the characters are a little too good to be true (not good, as in virtuous, but the way it all comes together is a bit far fetched), but I still want to know what is going to happen next. 

I am also reading Hurry Down Sunshine, which I am not really enjoying.  It is kind of a parent's worst nightmare, and something I fret about, and the writing is not appealing to me.  The author feels whiny and wimpy and unsympathetic to me. 

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