Sunday, March 7, 2010

too much tv is just right

We have been watching season one of Son's of Anarchy, which is about a biker gang in a small California town.  Very well done and interesting.  I am eagerly waiting for disk 3!

We also started Nurse Jackie which I am LOVING.  I have not found a character this relatable since Brenda from six feet under.  I love it and demand that everyone I know rent season one, right now.


  1. Nurse Jackie marketing executives came to our nurses' union for an endorsement, and screened a few episodes for us. The nurses were horrified, said they're not a bunch of drug addicts, don't falsify organ donor cards, etc.


  2. I don't think the show says that all nurses are one thing, I think it is about this character and her life, and she happens to be a nurse. Her protege is a total goody two shoes.