Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Wednesday, and just like that SPRING arrived

I adore this time of year, when it is still cold enough to be pleasant, but sunny and full of emerging color.  I don't know why grape hyacinth is not used more in the US in flower arrangements?  I loved seeing them in florist windows in Germany.

Our yard is shameful really, we should be run out off the street on a rail.  The Camilla doesn't seem to mind too much though.   Freyja won't let me get rid of her jogging stroller, she likes to push it around the yard and pile dandelions inside, so there is sits, guarding the secret hideaway.

Look who I found on the table! The big sneak, likes to get into any open vessel. 

For the past month of so Freyja has been wearing the ladybug costume day and night, as much as we will let her.  My mother sent her a ladybug travel, neck, pillow, which she is using like a ladybug stole.

A large natural foods store donated TWO carts of grapes to the school, not realizing it is spring break, so I now have a giant bowl of grapes!

I went in today and felt grateful that I can dress just like this FOR WORK! Not too bad.

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