Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am a big meany with crashing all around me

This is one of my favorite photos of Maxwell and me, from when he was three, despite my poor choice of lipstick color.
I set out to post it with the birthday post, but then my computer crashed THREE times during scanning, so I gave up. 
For some reason it worked just fine today.
I spent two hours today in the computer repair shop, frustrating the dickens out of a very sweet fellow named Scott, getting my work computer fixed, or rather getting my new work computer to recognize my old files, which Scott had transferred to the new computer he built just for me. 
A new computer seemed like such a good idea, but it has turned out to be a big headache, and now I feel exhausted by the whole affair, which is particularly frustrating, as I had set the afternoon aside, in the hope that I might nap a little. 
I have not slept worth a darn for a couple of weeks and I am at that crashing point (along with both the computers I use).
The minute I walked into my office to drop off the computer, I was handed a message from Maxwell's school telling me to pick him up.
He was sick.
For the second day in a row. 
Which really pissed me off, because I was selfishly wishing for a little peace.
Just an hour.
I know that makes me sound like a terrible person, and I suppose I may be a terrible person, a terrible tired person.
When I picked him up he was, just as he was yesterday, fine.
He said he had a stomach ache, but I don't know  what to think, because he seemed fine. 
The illness struck precisely at social studies time, two days in a row.

I think he may have anxiety, for which I have the utmost compassion, (god knows both his father and I are as nervous and keyed up as a pair of poodle Siamese hybrids, after a couple of espressos ) I do, but geez, the timing really stinks.
We will work on finding the root of the stomach ache later, right now he is taking a nap and I am doing laundry and scanning and late to pick up Miss F.

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