Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a flick of a switch

I have this compulsion to decorate things, and my light switches haven't escaped. 

No minimalism here, folks.

I love this Chagall painting.  

I love the goat playing music in the corner.  What an excellent goat. 

 The Creature, is my favorite.  We have a little rubber Creature too, that the kids play with in the bath, oh, and a stuffed doll too.  We are big fans of the Creature... and who doesn't love Tin Tin, in their stairwell?

I would have chosen this goat, had I been able to find an image that was the right orientation, but I couldn't, so I have the other goat.  There you go.   All of the light switches are made from ugly plastic switch covered, mod podged with images brazenly and shamelessly stolen from the internet. 
My husband has worked in the publishing industry for so long, that it has made him very cranky and uptight about copy write laws.


  1. so, um, these are awesome. tell a craftless lady how it's done!

  2. Chiara this is really the simplest project EVER! anyone can do it. A six year old with patience could do it!