Saturday, March 20, 2010

On we go

Today was Mark's mom's 70th birthday.  We had agreed to host the party- a champagne reception at noon.  Mark stayed home with me on Friday (he has 14! YEARS of sick time saved up, so it seemed like a good idea).

I talked to the HR person at Food 4 Less, scolding them, and letting them know how irresponsible it was to not have any kind of procedure in place for emergencies.

I felt oddly free from anxiety and depression all day.

Hot damn! I am not dead on the floor of a filthy store, time to cheer up!

We did a bit of cleaning and went out to lunch and had a nice day together.

Saturday morning I got up at 7:00am, and started cooking an obscene amount of food.

We had all pretended to have forgotten Wawa's birthday.  Mark called and told her he was taking her to look at mattresses (she needs a new one, and he had promised to take her shopping).
He then pretended to forget his wallet.

She was appropriately surprised, when she walked in to find a little party- Maxwell and Freya yelled


Earlier in the day, I had walked out to dump the compost bucket, and I found one sweet little tulip growing out of the heap.  I picked it and put it on the buffet table.  I thought it was a lovely sign.

This jasmine wreath filled the house with an amazing fragrance.
I put out a hydrangea on the table, wrapped a scarf around it and called it good.
The candle holders are wine glassed turned upside down.
One of my best tricks.  

Freyja put on all her jewels, including a felted bead necklace we made at Christmas break.   I on,  the other hand put on nothing, not even lipstick.

Too tired,  to be bothered, as usual.

Mark's sister brought lemon AND lime drinks, which the children drank like crazy, oh, and a chocolate cake.

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  1. Love the photo of Freya. She has beautiful eyes.