Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I just got off the phone with my friend Dom and we were lamenting growing up poor and the tendency toward hoarding it cultivated in both of us.  She told me that she purchased 34 pounds of Barilla pasta today, because it was on sale.
It was the good stuff, I couldn't pass it up

I am wayyyyy worse, or maybe it is just because I have a big basement...

Whatever the reason my be, I have enough food on hand in my kitchen to survive the apocalypse, not to mention what I could live through with my basement stash!

 This is after I pulled two big boxes out for the food bank, just last week!

I counted 24 cans of sardines in the basement.
We don't even eat sardines, but Rolf (also a total hoarder) thinks that fish is a good thing to have on hand for the end of the world, because it is a good source of protein, and god knows that when the end of the world rolls around we want to keep our strength up! 

Secret creepy basement storage room, filled to the gills with fish, dish soap and tomatoes! 

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