Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We broke with tradition and headed to early morning coffee at Little T bakery, rather than the Pearl, which has fabulous baked goods and terrible atmosphere.  Very minimalist and stainless steel, and edgy, all things I hate.  They also serve Stumptown coffee, which most people adore, but I find too acid and strong and oily.  We came for the pretzel roll, and Freyja said it was good, so there you go.  I will put up with overly strong coffee for Miss F, any day.

They also have these INSANELY rich chocolate "donuts" which are like chocolate bread, dipped in ganache.

I buy coffee here before work almost everyday, and the staff are always very nice.  They were nice to Freyja too, which goes a long way with me. I will forgive minimalist decor, if it comes with good service.  In addition to the pretzel rolls we purchased a big loaf of olive, rosemary bread for a dinner party we were having later in the day.

A dear friend is leaving town indefinitely, so we were doing a little thing, as a send off.

I imagined a lot of cheese, and some fig dishes.

autumnal fruit chutney over cream cheese. 


and that lentil pate that tastes just like chopped liver, that is pretty good too.  And lots of candles.

candle light

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